Helen FriedmanIn the late 1970’s, Helen Friedman started Desserts by Helen from her home kitchen with a hand mixer and a book full of her favorite recipes.

Having been an avid home baker, a friend approached her about doing some desserts for a new restaurant that they were opening up. Helen was happy to oblige, and Desserts by Helen was born.

Soon, Helen was doing the desserts for Louisville’s finest restaurants and hotels from a commercial kitchen in her basement. Zoning forced Desserts by Helen out of the basement, and into a small shop in Prospect.¬† Soon after that, a second shop was opened.

After years of growth in commercial and wholesale baking, Desserts by Helen made the decision in 2020 to focus exclusively  on Wholesale accounts, and close the retail store.  Today, Desserts by Helen makes products for distributors, venues, and restaurants all across the country.