Individual Desserts

$4.50 Each Red Velvet Cake

The best Red Velvet cake you'll ever taste! Two layers of moist and buttery cake filled with cream cheese icing and coated in white chocolate ganache.

$4.75 each Chocolate Mousse Bombe

These beautiful desserts consist of a rich flourless chocolate cake base, creamy dark chocolate mousse and they are then enrobed in chocolate truffle glaze. They are crowned with a gold chocolate fleur de lis.

$4.50 each Orange Dreamsicle Cake

Two layers of super moist yellow cake, filled with orange cream cheese icing and enrobed in orange chocolate ganache.

$4.50 each Chocolate Truffle Torte (Flourless)

Pure decadance! A rich and creamy flourless chocolate torte, topped in chocolate ganache and marbled with white chocolate. Enough chocolate to satisfy every chocaholic!

$4.50 each Italian Cream Cake

We take two layers of our traditional Italian Cream Cake, fill them with cream cheese icing and cover them in white chocolate ganache. We then finish them with moist coconut and pecans.

$4.50 each Carrot Cake

Super moist carrot cake studded with raisins and nuts, filled with cream cheese icing. Iced in white chocolate ganache and graham cracker crumbs.

$4.50 Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Ultra moist chocolate cake filled with creamy raspberry icing. Enrobed in rich chocolate ganache, sided with chocolate cookie crumbs and topped with a chocolate cordial ball.


$.80 a piece, $1.65 for decorated cookies Cookies

We make a wide range of cookies to please every palate! Among the flavors are chocolate chip and white chocolate dipped in chocolate, Raspberry Sandollars, chocolate filled Truffle cookies, and many more. We are also famous for our white chocolate iced sugar cookies! Our wonderful sugar cookie recipe paired with the white chocolate icing are an amazing combination!

Dessert Bars

$1.65 each Cream Cheese Brownie

For those of you who refuse to choose between cheesecake and chocolate, we offer our Cheesecake Brownies. A luscious blend of our creamy cheesecake and rich chocolate brownies. Perfect for a party, or a mid-day treat!

$1.65 each Chocolate Chip Brownie

Our super fudgy brownies generously topped with chocolate chips. Perfect for all chocolate lovers!

$1.65 each Lemon Bars

We top our shortbread crust with a tart lemon filling for these old fashioned favorites. Light and refreshing!

$1.65 Turtle Brownies

Our decadent and rich chocolate brownies, topped with chocolate ganache, pecans, and caramel made from scratch.


$30 for 2 layer, $40 for 4 layer Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Our most popular cake! Our rich and moist chocolate cake brushed with raspberry preserves and filled with chocolate ganache. We then ice the cakes in chocolate buttercream and coat them in more chocolate ganache. Available in 2 or 4 layer sizes.

$30 for 2 layer, $40 for 3 layer Italian Cream Cake

We use our traditional Italian Cream recipe, and fill and ice it with our luscious cream cheese icing. This super moist cake is available in 2 or 3 layer sizes

$30 for 2 layer, $40 for 3 layer Carrot Cake

Try this cake once, and you'll be hooked! This is definitely the moistest carrot cake that you'll ever taste, loaded with walnuts and raisins. We then put a thin layer of pineapple, and a layer of cream cheese icing between the layers. Iced in cream cheese icing. Available in 2 or 3 layer sizes.

New York Cheesecake

Our New York Cheesecake is the real deal! It is a 3" thick, rich and creamy, and sitting on a wonderful graham cracker crust. Just like what you would see in a NY deli!

Flourless Truffle Torte

Our take on the Flourless Chocolate Cake is perfect for every chocolate lover. Our rich chocolate torte is enrobed in a chocolate truffle glaze and marbled with white chocolate. Truly decadent!

German Chocolate Cake

Our take on the German Chocolate cake is layers of our delicious chocolate cake, filled with the classic pecan coconut filling, and iced in chocolate buttercream. We put moist coconut on the sides to finish. Available in 2 or 4 layer versions, and can be custom decorated for special occasions upon request.

Red Velvet Cake

Our Red Velvet Cake is the real deal! Made with buttermilk, and just a hint of cocoa, it is better than homemade. These cakes are iced in our delicious cream cheese icing, and are available in 2 and 4 layer sizes.

$30 for 2 layer, $40 for 4 layer Coconut Cake

Layers of moist yellow cake filled with a sour cream coconut filling, and iced in whipped cream and coconut.


$16 each Key Lime Pie

Close your eyes and take a bite, you'll swear you are in Key West! We use real key lime juice to make this refreshing pie, and then top it with white chocolate mousse to finish it off.

$16.00 Cherry Pie

A flaky pie crust filled with sweet and juicy cherries.

$16.00 Apple Pie

Our famous apple pie is one of our specialties! We hand peel fresh Granny Smith apples and fold them into our wonderful chess filling. We finish these with a handmade lattice. The absolute best!

Miniature Desserts

Our Mini Desserts are perfect for any occassion! These amazing, bite sized morsels are great for serving at any party or event! As the varieties are always changing, please check with us for availability.

$1.00 each Miniature Cheesecakes

Everything that you love about our famous cheesecake in one amazing bite! A graham cracker crust cheesecake, available with a variety of toppings. Other flavors may be available.

$1.00 each Mini Pineapple Upside Down Cakes

A moist and dense bite of yellow cake with a traditional pineapple upside down topping. We then finish each one with a maraschino cherry. They are as bright and colorful as they are delicious!

$1.00 each Cream Puffs

Hand made pate a choux filled with pastry cream. Simple, yet elegant, and a dessert that everyone loves!

$1.00 each Lemon Almond Raspberry Macaroons

An almond macaroon brushed with raspberry and filled with a tart lemon buttercream. Very light and refreshing, these have been a customer favorite for years!

Coffee Cakes

Our Coffee Cakes are perfect for breakfast, brunch, or any time of day! Available in Cinnamon Pecan, Blueberry Cream Cheese, and Chocolate Chip.

Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

Our heavenly coffee cake with a ribbon of chocolate ganache and chocolate chips in the middle. Finished off with a golden streusel topping and more chocolate chips.